We help you reduce the risks inherent in intercultural partnerships by:

 Providing risk analysis of the cultural components of a partnership

 Enabling you to develop and improve both trust and understanding with partners

 Improving the vital relational components in diverse and multicultural settings

 Improving communication with culturally diverse partners and clients

 Going beyond the obvious cultural differences to address diversity's hidden impact


We advance cross-cultural and multicultural communication within your organization and with outside partners by:

 Concentrating on communication as a whole

 Addressing the critical social-linguistic components of communication

 Ensuring your message is communicated accurately, effectively and sensitively

 Providing tools to communicate in diverse and multicultural settings


ConsultingóWe work individually with you or in small groups to help improve communication and management in any environment.

RelocationóWe assist your employees and their families with their relocation to the United States or with their transition abroad



Intercultural Organizational Collaboration

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Collaboration

Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Management


Intercultural Management

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Whether you are relocating domestically or internationally, we can make your transition a smooth one by:

 Assisting you to plan your own techniques for cultural adaptation and in managing your personal and professional goals

 Providing insight into the local culture

 Understanding 'culture shock' and the process of cultural adjustment

 Providing support for your spouse and children in cultural training

The Intercultural Focus differenceówe always custom-design for your organization's needs!


Relocation Services

Intercultural Relocation

Consulting & Relocation

We make your staff more effective and productive by:

 Leveraging the diversity within your organization to cultivate fresh ideas and new perspectives

 Creating an environment of inclusion where a multitude of voices and perspectives are valued and contribute to achieving team goals

 Improving employee morale by developing trust and understanding amongst all staff members

 Moving your workforce from co-workers to collaborators

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Intercultural Focus