Cross-Cultural Collaboration is Critical for Reducing Operational Risk

Intercultural Focus— because communication is everything.

Our work focuses directly on solving the complexities of multicultural communication and management.  Cultural diversity brings fresh ideas and new approaches, it may also reduce productivity due to increases in tension and  communication issues.  We can help your organization save time and money by successfully addressing these challenges.

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The Intercultural Focus difference.  Today’s organizations often work with a range of cultures.  We offer both cross-cultural solutions for work with a specific group and a multicultural approach, which provides solutions specifically for working in a global environment.  Further, our consultants possess both experiential knowledge and advanced degrees in intercultural work—giving you the most comprehensive skill set available.

Solutions for working effectively in a multicultural world

How we can help you!



· Improve communication with diverse clients and partners

· Increase the likelihood of success when working with foreign clients or in foreign environments

· Maximize the creative forces of your staff by creating an environment where all staff members are comfortable contributing

· Enable managers to work productively with your culturally diverse staff

· Enable staff to work more effectively with your culturally diverse clientele


Government / Diplomacy

· Improve agency communication and understanding with constituency groups


NGOs / Not-For-Profits:

· Develop fieldworkers’ capacity to communicate effectively with stakeholders



· Enable faculty and students participating in study abroad to prepare for their journey and get the understanding they need to make the most out of their experience.

· Assist your international faculty and students in making a successful transition to your university and the USA.

Intercultural Focus

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